Target Early is a product of Target Smart, a Democratic political data and data services firm.

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TargetEarly is a dashboard for exploring early in-person and absentee voting trends.

For additional context, please read What the 2018 Early Vote Can Tell Us (And What it Can’t) by TargetSmart CEO Tom Bonier on Medium.com.


Leading into major elections, TargetEarly is updated daily with new early and absentee voting activity collected from state and county election offices.

TargetSmart’s early vote data will always lag 1-2 days behind the official election authority’s reporting.

Demographic and registration statistics will also lag behind the official election authority.


Absentee ballots requested/received and early vote period in-person votes cast data is made available by US state and county election offices. When this new data becomes available, TargetSmart acquires and adds it to TargetEarly.


Leading into major elections, TargetSmart collects and aggregates early vote returns from states each day. Early vote data is then linked to our national voter registration database, where we can observe and report on the demographic and political composition of individuals that have voted early, absentee, or have requested a ballot.


The TargetEarly site grew out of the early and absentee reporting TargetSmart performs internally and for our clients. We've decided to make this information publicly available because we believe that voting is a fundamental right that should be celebrated, protected, and expanded. Our hope is that TargetEarly will provide useful insight and motivate more Americans to participate in the process.